Thursday, 25 February 2016

The one where our heroine wakes up after a long slumber

The following post has been sitting untouched in my drafts since mid 2014. I found it today and just hit the publish button without another thought. Talk about some epic procrastination skills!  A lot has happened since this post was originally shot and written, and I'm sure a day will come where I'll be back on this blog regularly, but until then, for whoever is still out there... enjoy this little time capsule of my mind from 2 years prior. 


Liar liar pants on fire! Yep, I'm owning up to my lack of commitment to this blog. I haven't made a single post all 2014, so it's high time I got my butt into gear. Not quite sure who's reading out there, if you happen to come across my little patch of cyberspace and like what you see, please do drop me a hello in huge comments below... I love making new friends and finding new blogs to follow.

There's really no excuse for a 6 month long absence - just that I got a bit too caught up in planning my impending wedding and delegated all my regular blogging time to stressing out over the colour of invitations, not being able to decide on the "perfect" bridal shoe, plus giving myself stern pep talks to visit the gym and cut down on fried chicken then doing neither and crying in a bucket of ice cream. Before I knew it the seasons were changing again and I found inspiration to dive back into my closet looking for madcap outfits and bargain buys to write about.

This week's outfit transpired from my tendency of buying things out of pure lust that then sit languishing away in my wardrobe for months because it "doesn't go with anything I own yet..." We've all had that moment before right? I've had several.  Meet my high waisted mustard trousers AKA Dick Tracy clown pants, and my sports luxe inspired mesh blazer AKA looks great on the model but I can't pair it with a shaved head, no bra and a pair of spanx out in the real world.  I purchased them both on sale at seperate occasions, most likely while I was suffering intense bouts of self confidence, feelings which immediately disappated the minute I got home.  Consequently, I would regularly scan these items and pass them over because I hadn't found a way to make them work in my head, that fear in turn prevented me from enjoying them at all - so they just waited ... Until the day I took them out hoping to wear one or the other before it finally struck me to wear them together.  Halle - Freakin - Lujah! 

 Yellow PantsYellow Pants-4Yellow Pants-9Yellow Pants-5 Yellow Pants-2Yellow Pants-6 Yellow Pants-3Yellow Pants-8Yellow Pants-7