Tuesday, 29 October 2013

real wild child


Summer in Sydney is endless weekends. It's ice cream at the beach, lazy strolls in the afternoon, talking for hours with new friends and long dinner parties that stretch on til morning. Summer fashion in Sydney is crisp whites, bright colours, flowing fabrics and tanned legs in raised hemlines.

This week we keep it short and sweet with a Summer fashion staple that's also been my personal favourite for a few years running. The playsuit - or romper (both names indicate you'll be having a bit of fun)is essential when the temperature begins to rise and all your previously cute outfits suddenly cling in places you don't want the world to see at 9 in the morning, and blanket your pores in a suffocating tent of humidity. The playsuit is practical, fun and glamorous all in one. Available in a seemingly limitless combination of colours/fabrics/cuts/patterns, it's one of those pieces that started out as a trend item for the exclusive fashionable few, but has since developed and matured into an all flattering wonder suit for women everywhere who suffered silently in seperates.

This cheeky little number caught my eye on a casual trip through a cheap and chic chainstore one afternoon. I love a good print and have been known to suffer a shopping blackout when anything features my favourite leopard pattern, so naturally I just HAD to have this brilliant yellow spotted number. The neckline was originally split almost down to the navel, allowing girls with cute perky B cup and below chests to maximise their cool down capabilities on a hot day - as I had a slightly (read: annoyingly) more ample chest to contend with, I decided a quick running stitch to "close the gap" would greatly assist in preserving my dignity outside of a nightclub scenario. Paired with a vintage clutch and an old faithful pair of Robert Robert blush strappy sandals, it was an easy breezy outfit for a trip by the water. 


playsuit playsuit-5 playsuit-2 playsuit-4 playsuit-13 playsuit-9 playsuit-8 playsuit-10 playsuit-3 playsuit-12 (SHOP THE LOOK >> playsuit: Chicabooti - similar here and here , heels: Robert Robert - similar here and here, bag: vintage - similar here, jewelry: similar herehere and here)

Monday, 21 October 2013

prim & proper

je t'aime-7

I wouldn't say I'm very good at being ladylike. I was raised with a strong understanding of good manners, learned how to cross my legs the correct way and could probably walk a straight line while balancing copies of Proust on my head if I really wanted to (thanks to private, single sex education AKA all girls finishing school), but dressing like a lady? Sorry, no can do. It just doesn't come naturally to me - or at least it never used to. Lately I've noticed myself developing a strange attraction to skirts and delicate fabrics, it's puzzling to say the least. Perhaps I'm finally growing up and therefore becoming more comfortable with being a woman instead of a petulant post teen who still buys packs of novelty multi-coloured underpants and wears a chipped black glitter manicure to important meetings. People change and a little skirt now and then could only lead to good things. Dignified adult things.

So cut to the third post of this month of October and here I am in another skirt driven ensemble... one that has a giant cheesy french phrase for "i love you" plastered on it, hmm looks like I'll have to rethink that dignified adult part. Who am I kidding right? This weeks' trend focus is on the monochrome look. A huge favourite for me this season but also as a classic all rounder colour combo that packs a punch and helps deliver a chic timeless look. This year, the humble black and white has been pushed to its limits - with dots, stripes, chevron, floral, houndstooth and many more eye twisting variations. It's a graphic designers dream and we're just living in it!

As mentioned, the Forever 21 skirt was my driving force behind this particular look. It was one of those rare impulse purchases that you don't see again for a while, so even if it's not something you can wear often you can't regret getting it because of its lasting WOW factor. Paired with a simple wardrobe staple white chiffon blouse and my fave studded Windsor Smith ankle strap sandals - I let the skirt do most of the talking. By adding a monochrome patterned bag, a smattering of jewellery and clear framed reflective wayfarers, it was finished with a streetsmart edge. So maybe it wasn't totally My Fair Lady but this Chan is definitely feeling a little less Tramp!


je t'aime je t'aime-2 je t'aime-3 je t'aime-5 je t'aime-10 je t'aime-4 je t'aime-6 je t'aime-8 je t'aime-9

(SHOP THE LOOK >> Top: Chica Booti - similar here and here, Skirt: Forever 21 - similar here, Heels: Windsor Smith - similar here and here, Bag: ASOS, Sunglasses: Cotton On - similar here, Necklace: Lovisa - similar here and here, Rings: Lovisa - similar here, here and here)

Monday, 14 October 2013



I used to be afraid of wearing colour. I have specific vivid memories of joking with my friends, window shopping on our lazy teenage Saturday afternoons - "I'm Asian! Asians can't wear yellow! I'll look like a glowstick/highlighter/pokemon!" They would laugh and jokingly mock my teen angst before doing the same thing with other fashion trends. I had a friend who claimed she'd never wear skinny jeans because she had apparently developed "tree trunk" legs, another swore an oath against browns and neutrals for life - "Its what grandmothers and boring office workers wear!" To be fair we were only 14, quite self conscious of our developing bodies and absolutely certain that once we had an opinion about something, we'd NEVER change it.

That's the funny thing about fashion, it travels in cycles. It's constantly being re-invented when old ideas are injected with a fresh point of view and given a new lease in life. So after our first few scorching 30+ degree weekends of Spring came and went, I hushed my inner 14 year old self and put on some big bold and beautiful colours! I'm loving the bright blues that are showing up everywhere this season in amongst the girly pastels and hard edged monochrome. According to racked.com, Pantone has even predicted its popularity for two consecutive years' spring fashion trends. Blue is definitely having it's moment.

I paired my geometric patterned blue cropped tee with an almost blindingly fabulous chartreuse bandage mini skirt, picked up last year on sale at Forever 21 . It's a little teeny bit matchy matchy but in my opinion, not as crazy as both pieces being patterned or both block coloured - just a happy medium between the two. As this look is already quite an eyeful, I decided to tone down the accessories with neutral shoes (My go-to, all occasion nude patent pointy toed pumps!) and bag. As a nod to the geometric pattern on my top, I also repeated the bold shapes in my jewellry choices. I really love how the colours popped in the afternoon sun during this shoot, but somehow I kept it from looking too heavy or over the top - perhaps it helped having my platinum blonde hair freshly dyed!



neon-2 neon-6 neon-7 neon-5 neon-4 neon-3 neon-10
(SHOP THE LOOK >> Top: Temt - similar here and here, Skirt: Forever 21 - similar here and here, Clutch: Dotti - similar here, Heels: RMK - similar here and here, Rings: a selection  - similar here, here, herehere )

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

"women who wear black lead colourful lives"


According to a psychological study "in the Western World, it is the color most commonly associated with mourning, the end, secrets, magic, power, violence, evil, and elegance". I'm not usually one to take my fashion too seriously, but wearing black has been chic to the next lev and oh so je ne sais quoi ever since Johnny Cash drawled his first note of the Folsom Prison Blues and Holly Golightly broke bread at Tiffany's after partying all night into the morning.

Since then, some of the most iconic figures in entertainment and fashion pop culture have been making bold statements clad in the colour that represents the absence of, or complete absorbtion of light. We as the audience cannot help but be transfixed by the allure of these characters and their choice of wardrobe. Darth Vader did it, Karl Lagerfeld redefined it and this week I'm showing you my version of the ALL BLACK EVERYTHING outfit.

Aside from being an all occasion appropriate, practical colour to stock up your wardrobe basics with every season, black is the miracle cure it all, fashion blank canvas. It makes a statement where you want it to, hides all the lumpy bits (weekend food baby anyone?) and literally goes with everything! So after my over the top use of colour in last weeks post, I thought it would be fun to try this all black look with a slightly edgy twist. I paired my sheer stripe tee with a fabulous twisted asymmetrical skirt, belted at the waist with my 90s era Versace inspired vintage lion motif belt. Finished off with some rough and tough peep toe ankle boots, layered gold statement necklaces and rings and finally a delicious burgandy shade of lipstick and studded envelope clutch. If this look is too aggressive for you I would suggest replacing the boots with simple sandals in metallic silver/gold, just one statement ring or necklace and a nude lip gloss. But as always, my personal preference with this look is... well... turned up to 11.


black-5 black-6 black-8 black-2 black black-3 black-4 black-10

(SHOP THE LOOK >> Top: Forever 21, Bralette: Cotton on body - similar here, Skirt: Forever 21 , Boots: RMK - similar here, Bag: Temt - similar here,  Belt: vintage - similar here and here, Sunglasses: Le Specs, Jewelry: selection from Lovisa)