Monday, 11 November 2013



I know it's been a couple of weeks since Halloween came and went, but it's my absolute FAVOURITE holiday of the year. Always has been, always will be. If Christmas didn't exist, Halloween would be it for me. I love the theatrics of it and trying to impress my friends with whatever crazy costumes and decorations I can pull together. I generally try to pack in at least 2 Halloween related events every year so I can get the most out of my costume ideas and scary makeup techniques. I also like to have more fun with my everyday outfits around this time, maybe because in my mind it's an occasion worth celebrating for longer than one day/night - really there are 12 days of Halloween, like 12 days of Christmas - but scarier! Maybe it's because I'm a absolute nutter.

I bought this irresistible gold lamé basketball tank for a dirt cheap price because lamé is amazing and in my humble opinion, an extremely under appreciated fabric. The number 13 just seemed appropriate to the occasion and I felt super badass wearing it. Turns out, this year's Halloween season had a little too much bad luck in it. Like driving 3 hours home from a roadtrip with supposedly plenty of time to spare so I could meet with a friend - but getting stuck in heavy traffic as I'm only 10 minutes away. Or a blackout that happened as I was trying to write this blog, because a power line came down on our driveway in a storm last night. I'm not even kidding, "Thriller" just came on the playlist as I typed that last sentence!

So this was my take on the Halloween season inspired purchase that can be re-purposed for a sports luxe look post scary season. I teamed my unlucky 13 tank with a stretchy scuba style cutout pencil skirt, a chunky chain necklace, my favourite gold capped toe pumps and a stand out shade of neon pink Barry M lipstick. Motorcycle gloves optional, but essential when hanging out in parking garages taking photos and pretending you're an extra in a high fashion version of Sons of Anarchy ;)


gold-2 gold gold-4 gold-5 gold-6 gold-7 (SHOP THE LOOK >> Top: Chicabooti - similar here, Skirt: Chicabooti - similar here and here Heels: Wittner - similar here, gloves: Dangerfield - similar here, Lipstick: Barry M @ Fiebiger Shoes)


  1. As always, fab!! I would have totally walked right passed that tank top but when you wear it, it looks so wicked! I love it sooo much with your shoes!
    Halloween's my favorite holiday as well. It seems to be pretty much every fashion blogger's fave - must be the theatrics of dressing up. Can you imagine if there was a fashion blogger halloween party?! Did you end up dressing up?

    1. you write the sweetest comments, thankyou!! those shoes are definitely favourites and on high rotation!
      this year my bf and i threw a party for our friends and i dressed as Khalessi from the tv show, Game of Thrones. i put a few pics up on my instagram


  2. you have a great blog and pic!!!