Tuesday, 8 October 2013

"women who wear black lead colourful lives"


According to a psychological study "in the Western World, it is the color most commonly associated with mourning, the end, secrets, magic, power, violence, evil, and elegance". I'm not usually one to take my fashion too seriously, but wearing black has been chic to the next lev and oh so je ne sais quoi ever since Johnny Cash drawled his first note of the Folsom Prison Blues and Holly Golightly broke bread at Tiffany's after partying all night into the morning.

Since then, some of the most iconic figures in entertainment and fashion pop culture have been making bold statements clad in the colour that represents the absence of, or complete absorbtion of light. We as the audience cannot help but be transfixed by the allure of these characters and their choice of wardrobe. Darth Vader did it, Karl Lagerfeld redefined it and this week I'm showing you my version of the ALL BLACK EVERYTHING outfit.

Aside from being an all occasion appropriate, practical colour to stock up your wardrobe basics with every season, black is the miracle cure it all, fashion blank canvas. It makes a statement where you want it to, hides all the lumpy bits (weekend food baby anyone?) and literally goes with everything! So after my over the top use of colour in last weeks post, I thought it would be fun to try this all black look with a slightly edgy twist. I paired my sheer stripe tee with a fabulous twisted asymmetrical skirt, belted at the waist with my 90s era Versace inspired vintage lion motif belt. Finished off with some rough and tough peep toe ankle boots, layered gold statement necklaces and rings and finally a delicious burgandy shade of lipstick and studded envelope clutch. If this look is too aggressive for you I would suggest replacing the boots with simple sandals in metallic silver/gold, just one statement ring or necklace and a nude lip gloss. But as always, my personal preference with this look is... well... turned up to 11.


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(SHOP THE LOOK >> Top: Forever 21, Bralette: Cotton on body - similar here, Skirt: Forever 21 , Boots: RMK - similar here, Bag: Temt - similar here,  Belt: vintage - similar here and here, Sunglasses: Le Specs, Jewelry: selection from Lovisa)

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