Monday, 30 September 2013

the power and the passion


I was born in the 80s. It was a decade filled with risk takers and moneymakers, the rise of iconic trendsetters like Madonna, Brooke Shields and Alexis Carrington. Although technically I was too young to enjoy the 80s before neon lycra and friendship bracelets took over, I still feel its influence in a lot of my fashion choices. Strong lines, eye popping colour and bold statements. I recently bemoaned my lack of height to a friend, telling her I was too short to carry off a certain look and she wisely told me "yes honey, but you walk TALL" ... in my mind, that's what the essence of being a stylish woman coming of age in the 80s was all about, owning what you wore with pride. Even if you resembled a Christmas tree and never went too close to an open flame incase the polyester and hairspray actually lit you up like one!

It's with this aesthetic in mind, I felt the need to test my 2013 fashion boundaries with a little bit of of 1980's pinache. Given my love of blazers and collecting vintage pieces, I'm often inspired by the classic wall street power suit. This week's outfit is my modern take on that timeless look, it's bright and eye catching but lightweight and easy to wear. I found this blazer/top in the sale section of my favourite go to vintage store Zoo Emporium in Surry Hills and just HAD to have it. The puffy shoulders, peplum waist, wide lapels and double breasted button closure evoked Melanie Griffith in the timeless cinema classic "Working Girl.".  

Being a vintage piece, it's one of a kind and very difficult to find an exact replica of my jacket, but I have linked a few cute and thrifty Etsy finds in the links below for you guys.  Dig around your local vintage store and look for something that has elements of a current trend and isn't too costume-y.  If it's too big, take it to a tailor and have them fit it to you - a shortening of the sleeves, change of buttons or removal of shoulderpads is sometimes all it takes to update vintage clothes.  This look can easily be paired down with your favourite black skinny jeans and ballet flat for those slightly less adventurous... but if you want to turn those heads for all the right reasons - go hard or go home!


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(SHOP THE LOOK > Jacket: vintage - similar herehere and here; Shorts: Supre, Heels:, Bag: Colette - similar here , Ring: Lovisa - similar here)

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