Monday, 16 September 2013



I have a confession to make.

I enjoy watching The X Factor.

I know. It's shameless, vapid television filled with over the top faux personalities, big hair and crying on cue but it's totally addictive and I can't help being sucked in every week. However, this love has not come without some side effects that have seeped into my wardrobe choices. As some sort of strange consequence of trying to block out the clown vomit that is Red Foo from LMFAO's wardrobe over the weeks, I think my brain has instead absorbed and interpreted some elements of his wackness as interesting, even endearing? In small doses of course!

So here is my interpretation of a fun, slightly ridiculou$ summer ready weekend outfit. I'm totally in love with this Forever 21 tank featuring a cute burger/fries/milkshake motif, paired with a midi length tube skirt in soft greymarle (btw my absolute fave new skirt length right now). Worn as is, it could easily just be a "throw on and go" outfit for running errands. But if you want to kick it up a notch, the chunky gold chain necklace and belt give it an urban glam vibe, which is offset by the ridiculou$ness of the pixel sunglasses and transparent neon tote. In an effort to keep it all looking polished, I chose classic red pumps and my never fail MAC Ruby Woo lipstick as finishing touches.

I plan on rocking this outfit anywhere that has fun on the agenda. I know it can still be a bit much for some, but I've tried to keep it easy to wear and I promise to never use another obnoxious $ symbol again. Cro$$ my ♡ . ok now I'm done.

burger-4 burger-2 burger burger-5 burger-3 burger-8
(Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Cotton On, Heels: Tony Bianco - similar here, Belt: vintage - similar here or go crazy!,  Bag: Ebay - similar here , Sunglasses: Ebay -similar here, Necklace and rings: Lovisa - selection here , here, here)


  1. I love that bag and have absolutely no shame in entirely ripping it off! xx

  2. Just stumbled across your blog, love your style :D

    1. Thanks !! I'm so glad you found me... Hope I can keep you reading! Xx