Monday, 19 August 2013

white. on white .on white?

I've decided that August will be a month of experimenting with new things and making them work. Breaking out of the old "tried and tested" routine and finding enjoyment from fresh experiences no matter what. So whilst I was trying to slowcook a beef stew for the first time and attempt a zumba routine in my living room without spraining the ego, I figured it couldn't hurt to also play with a fresh trend in this week's post. Without much hesitation , I decided on the all white ensemble - or if you're ghetto fabulous inclined the "all white errr'thanggg" look - usually reserved for girls with an endless supply of graceful limbs and cheekbones that could cut glass. I knew this would be a bit of a challenge for me, with my innate ability to spill substances at myself the minute I was under the pressure of a dry clean only situation; but I soldiered on regardless. Partly because I like to be a little reckless, but mostly because my other idea consisted of a sports luxe outfit that may or may not have included a plastic visor.

As luck would have it, we had a lovely sunny weekend that moved at the kind of slow, easy pace resembling a forgotten summer holiday. Feeling like this gave me an excuse to interpret the look with a laid back attitude, I chose some ripped boyfriend jeans (on sale for $29.95 - what did I have to lose?) a statement printed relax fit tee (2 for $30 special - drop your breakfast on one? wear the other!), retro inspired white shades (another special, 2 for $10), chunky wooden sandals and fun statement jewellery. I also threw in my favourite bright orange matte 'pout about it' lipstick from sportsgirl and matching pedicure with OPI nailpolish in Atomic Orange for some sharp contrast. The only part that had me stumped was the all white handbag - so I substituted with an all purpose, fits everything but the kitchen sink leather pouch from American Apparel. Because hey, it's a relaxed look so we can't sweat the small stuff.

The end result turned out just the way I'd hoped. Casual, carefree and ready for action.  Oh and PS, I got all the way through brunch plus a slice of homemade chocolate mousse tart before dripping melted chocolate on my jeans.  It was fun while it lasted, no diggity.


Whites-6 Whites-7 Whites-3 Whites-5 Whites-4 Whites-8 Whites-2 Whites

(tshirt: cotton on - similar here , jeans: jay jays , shoes: rubi shoes , sunglasses: cotton on - similar here, bag: american apparel, necklace: h&m - similar here, rings: a selection from lovisa)

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  1. Looking hawt! Love the white on white on white look. You rock it.

    Ps. Move a pic up to the top of your posts, so it gets people in before they have to scroll ;)