Tuesday, 6 August 2013

hell bent for leather

I LOVE LEATHER. I love its versatility, its longevity, its unique ability to turn any good girl bad and most of all I love how leather has played a huge part in my personal fashion journey.

It's been a long standing affair that began at the tender age of 12, when I was just at the edge of womanhood with a rapidly growing interest in all things sequined and high heeled in my mother's closet. I distinctly remember the day I discovered her heavy bomber style, dark brown butter soft jacket. Lined in red paisley print silk with a wide lapel and authoritative shoulderpads, it served a purpose but reflected her distinct style. Strong and feminine, tough but forgiving. It was perfect.

For months I beggged her to buy me a leather jacket. She refused, saying I was too young for such an adult style and I had to satisfy myself with playing dressups and wishing for the day when my arms and legs would grow long enough to extend beyond its elbows and hem. I secretly hoped that she would gift the jacket to me when I was big enough to wear it. Then around the time of my 13th birthday my mother returned from a short trip to Hong Kong and pulled from the suitcase - a slimfit, 3 button real leather trench. It sat at the perfect mid calf length, had just the right weight so that it swooshed with movement and was just like the one Buffy Summers wore when she skipped english lit to makeout with her vampire boyfriend and figure out how to save the world... it was for me.

Flash forward 14 years and I have no less than 6 leather jackets hanging in my own sequined closet. Each with its own origin story and a special place in my heart. I never did inherit my mum's old bomber piece (some lucky St Vincent DePaul's shopper got that honour instead) but a little bit of that jacket's special appeal lives on in each of my own modern choices. While the outfit in this post is all about the "hero" purple moto jacket, we can't ignore the supporting acts to our superstar. The classic white tee, hip flattering skater skirt, low cut biker harness ankle boots, an all occasion buckled purse in this season's must have ruby wine colourway and a smattering of delicate but edgy jewellery. It might not be a look for everyone, but you never know what could happen when you fall in love.


Leather on Leather-2 Leather on Leather Leather on Leather-5Leather on Leather-4Leather on Leather-7Leather on Leather-6Leather on Leather-8

(jacket: Doma similar here and here, tshirt: cotton on, skirt: boohoo.com, bag: ebay, shoes: Sportsgirl similar here, jewellery: a selection at Lovisa)

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  1. Totally understand your love for leather, I do too!

    These skirt and jacket are great, by the way! :)

    'The Wind of Inspiration' blog