Tuesday, 16 July 2013

"why don't you start a blog?"

It was the question that had followed me around for the better part of 5 years. Popping up in any sort of social interaction - as soon as I mentioned that I worked in fashion and did a bit of styling on the side. It happened during dinners with friends, while groccery shopping and even once riding in a taxi.  I always had at least 3 or 4 excuses up my sleeve to fend off both the curious and persistent:
" I can't afford to buy the lavish designer items that readers want to see on blogs ... I really don't have the right body for it, my legs only go up to here and my hips are all the way out there!  .... I'm an average writer with an incomplete communications degree whose only experience with blogging is an embarrassing online journal written in my teens! "
Finally it was my best friend who co-erced me into giving it a go, just to see what could happen.  "Chan, someone has to do it for the girls out there who can't afford a new Givenchy bag every month, the girls who love carbs more than crop tops and the ones with legs only up to here who still want to look amaze in whatever they're wearing!" (I may have paraphrased a little, but the essence of her wisdom is there).  

So last week after paying my exorbitant private healthcare bill, spending big at the discount supermarket on peanut butter/norweigan cheese/canned soup and still managing to score a bargain sweater that prompted my colleague at work to compliment me on what she thought was the exact same designer one seen at a department store; I thought PUCK THIS. I WILL BLOG ABOUT MY FASHION CHOICES! Because it's not easy earning minimum wage, living in an expensive world and being told you can only be on trend if you spend your rent money on a new jacket that looks like an old jacket! If you agree, please check back here every so often and I hope you'll like what you see. If random snapshots of my face/clothing/food/other people's pets may interest you also - you might want to add me on instagram. I promise to always keep things different and interesting, practical for a smaller budget and hopefully easy on the eyes.


(sweater:chicabooti - similar here, jeans:true religion - similar here, jacket:puf'n stuff surry hills - similar here , jewelry:lovisa similar necklaceringringsmore rings! , bag:vintage - similar here, heels:wittner  - similar here or here)

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