Thursday, 25 February 2016

The one where our heroine wakes up after a long slumber

The following post has been sitting untouched in my drafts since mid 2014. I found it today and just hit the publish button without another thought. Talk about some epic procrastination skills!  A lot has happened since this post was originally shot and written, and I'm sure a day will come where I'll be back on this blog regularly, but until then, for whoever is still out there... enjoy this little time capsule of my mind from 2 years prior. 


Liar liar pants on fire! Yep, I'm owning up to my lack of commitment to this blog. I haven't made a single post all 2014, so it's high time I got my butt into gear. Not quite sure who's reading out there, if you happen to come across my little patch of cyberspace and like what you see, please do drop me a hello in huge comments below... I love making new friends and finding new blogs to follow.

There's really no excuse for a 6 month long absence - just that I got a bit too caught up in planning my impending wedding and delegated all my regular blogging time to stressing out over the colour of invitations, not being able to decide on the "perfect" bridal shoe, plus giving myself stern pep talks to visit the gym and cut down on fried chicken then doing neither and crying in a bucket of ice cream. Before I knew it the seasons were changing again and I found inspiration to dive back into my closet looking for madcap outfits and bargain buys to write about.

This week's outfit transpired from my tendency of buying things out of pure lust that then sit languishing away in my wardrobe for months because it "doesn't go with anything I own yet..." We've all had that moment before right? I've had several.  Meet my high waisted mustard trousers AKA Dick Tracy clown pants, and my sports luxe inspired mesh blazer AKA looks great on the model but I can't pair it with a shaved head, no bra and a pair of spanx out in the real world.  I purchased them both on sale at seperate occasions, most likely while I was suffering intense bouts of self confidence, feelings which immediately disappated the minute I got home.  Consequently, I would regularly scan these items and pass them over because I hadn't found a way to make them work in my head, that fear in turn prevented me from enjoying them at all - so they just waited ... Until the day I took them out hoping to wear one or the other before it finally struck me to wear them together.  Halle - Freakin - Lujah! 

 Yellow PantsYellow Pants-4Yellow Pants-9Yellow Pants-5 Yellow Pants-2Yellow Pants-6 Yellow Pants-3Yellow Pants-8Yellow Pants-7

Monday, 16 December 2013

Here I Go Again...

part 1  

It's been 4 weeks since my last post and I have been woefully neglecting this blog. I could come up with a plethora of reasons. It's the end of the year and the holiday season is upon us, work has been busy and my social life perhaps much too enjoyable to give up - none of those reasons are any more truthful than the fact that I've just be plain old LAZY. It's an affliction I've suffered since a young age, doctors say it's near incurable so all I can do is pick myself up, give myself a stern pep talk and keep going! Now with all that said, lets get on with the first post of December and the arrival of our much anticipated LONG. HOT. AUSSIE . SUMMER.

I'm one of those people that feels the temperature in extremes. One of my friends feels the chill no matter where she is and what season she's experiencing, she's even been known to bring her leather jacket to work on a 30 degree day ("just incase it gets cold in the office"), my husband-to-be is always perfectly warm, even in the dead of winter he'll toss the covers off our bed and insist he's fine going out in just a t-shirt. Perhaps he's helped along by the incredible amount of bodyhair that he posesses. Honestly, the man is like a polar bear - or a 1970s newsreader/pornstar. He could live in the arctic, with Tom Selleck. My problem is I feel the heat as soon as the thermostat hits 25 degrees (celcius) and will force myself to leave the house in more than just a muu muu with ice packs strapped to my body. I've already shown you one of my favourite playsuit looks this season, but realising that I own several of the nifty little style savers, I thought I'd show you some other ways to style a basic playsuit back with different accessories to achieve a different look each time.

This little black playsuit (or LBP) is a super affordable gem I picked up on one of my many Forever 21 online bargain hunts. Part of their capsule collection of amazingly on trend, but affordable pieces, I've worn it at least half a dozen times since it arrived. The way I've styled this outift is my go to, lazy rock n roll glam look. Long layered necklaces, masculine chunky rings and motorcycle boots topped off with a plum wine lipstick and mirrored aviators. It definitely adds a lot of personality to the simple LBP and gets me party ready for a night of rooftop BBQ with friends followed by midnight karaoke, if you're like my friend who gets cold easily just throw on a vintage denim jacket or leather biker jacket to complete this look. Want to tone down your Taylor Momsen? Just add a pastel blazer and change your lippie to a neutral gloss or a lip stain, for a look that's not so heavy handed.

Until next week (I promise!)


part 1-5 part 1-7 part 1-2 part 1-10 part 1-9 part 1-3 part 1-4
(SHOP THE LOOK >> Playsuit: Forever 21 - similar here, here, here, Boots: Sportsgirl - similar here , Necklaces: Han Cholo, Ebay, Kmart - similar: here, here, here, Rings: similar here, here, here, Sunglasses: Cotton On)

Monday, 11 November 2013



I know it's been a couple of weeks since Halloween came and went, but it's my absolute FAVOURITE holiday of the year. Always has been, always will be. If Christmas didn't exist, Halloween would be it for me. I love the theatrics of it and trying to impress my friends with whatever crazy costumes and decorations I can pull together. I generally try to pack in at least 2 Halloween related events every year so I can get the most out of my costume ideas and scary makeup techniques. I also like to have more fun with my everyday outfits around this time, maybe because in my mind it's an occasion worth celebrating for longer than one day/night - really there are 12 days of Halloween, like 12 days of Christmas - but scarier! Maybe it's because I'm a absolute nutter.

I bought this irresistible gold lamé basketball tank for a dirt cheap price because lamé is amazing and in my humble opinion, an extremely under appreciated fabric. The number 13 just seemed appropriate to the occasion and I felt super badass wearing it. Turns out, this year's Halloween season had a little too much bad luck in it. Like driving 3 hours home from a roadtrip with supposedly plenty of time to spare so I could meet with a friend - but getting stuck in heavy traffic as I'm only 10 minutes away. Or a blackout that happened as I was trying to write this blog, because a power line came down on our driveway in a storm last night. I'm not even kidding, "Thriller" just came on the playlist as I typed that last sentence!

So this was my take on the Halloween season inspired purchase that can be re-purposed for a sports luxe look post scary season. I teamed my unlucky 13 tank with a stretchy scuba style cutout pencil skirt, a chunky chain necklace, my favourite gold capped toe pumps and a stand out shade of neon pink Barry M lipstick. Motorcycle gloves optional, but essential when hanging out in parking garages taking photos and pretending you're an extra in a high fashion version of Sons of Anarchy ;)


gold-2 gold gold-4 gold-5 gold-6 gold-7 (SHOP THE LOOK >> Top: Chicabooti - similar here, Skirt: Chicabooti - similar here and here Heels: Wittner - similar here, gloves: Dangerfield - similar here, Lipstick: Barry M @ Fiebiger Shoes)

Monday, 4 November 2013

the race that stops the nation

races-6 header Us Australians are known to love a good punt - as the old saying goes, we'll bet on two flies crawling up a wall. Being raised in a Chinese household, my knowledge of gambling was limited to poker games with peanuts as currency or the occasional Sunday afternoon session of Mahjong on my parents' birthdays. I was never directly exposed to the level of excitement,atmosphere and grandeur that goes with the yearly season of racing until I was well into my high school years. As someone who struggles to understand almost any form of sporting activity and our nations' unwavering fascination with it all, you could imagine my delight when I realised that Spring Racing season was just as much about the ladies in the stands as it was about the fillies on the field.

This week's post is my simple and sweet ode to Spring Racing. Specifically what to do when you're faced with the dilemma of running around working on Melbourne Cup Day, stopping mid afternoon to celebrate with a champagne BBQ at the office while watching THE race. Even though it's considered a fairly casual event amongst colleagues, my usual double denim weekday ensemble just doesn't cut the mustard.  So I had to raid my wardrobe for an substitute that would be easy to wear and appropriate to the occasion.

This simple but effective gingham print dress has a great vintage inspired silhouette without all the fidgety corsetry required to fit into an actual vintage dress. Paired with a classic pair of white pumps and an updated clutch (to hold my winnings from the office sweepstakes) the ensemble is completed with a decorative brooch that's also vintage inspired, adding interest without being over the top. I decided to forgo the raceday hat and gloves - which I normally would have nothing against, but in a work environment I'd rather err on the side of easy and relaxed. This is an outfit that will see me through the day with minimal fuss and maximum impact!

The outfit would also work well for a post work dinner date or even a weekend picnic - just swap your heels out for some ballet flats or wedges and you're ready for action. Hoping you all enjoy a lovely Melbourne Cup Day if you're an Aussie like me! See you next week!

Chan races-8 races-3 races-2 races-5 races-4 races-7
(SHOP THE LOOK >> Dress: Forever 21 - similar here and here, Heels: Ebay - similar here, Bag: Collette - similar here, Brooch: Lovisa - similar here, Ring: Forever 21 )

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

real wild child


Summer in Sydney is endless weekends. It's ice cream at the beach, lazy strolls in the afternoon, talking for hours with new friends and long dinner parties that stretch on til morning. Summer fashion in Sydney is crisp whites, bright colours, flowing fabrics and tanned legs in raised hemlines.

This week we keep it short and sweet with a Summer fashion staple that's also been my personal favourite for a few years running. The playsuit - or romper (both names indicate you'll be having a bit of fun)is essential when the temperature begins to rise and all your previously cute outfits suddenly cling in places you don't want the world to see at 9 in the morning, and blanket your pores in a suffocating tent of humidity. The playsuit is practical, fun and glamorous all in one. Available in a seemingly limitless combination of colours/fabrics/cuts/patterns, it's one of those pieces that started out as a trend item for the exclusive fashionable few, but has since developed and matured into an all flattering wonder suit for women everywhere who suffered silently in seperates.

This cheeky little number caught my eye on a casual trip through a cheap and chic chainstore one afternoon. I love a good print and have been known to suffer a shopping blackout when anything features my favourite leopard pattern, so naturally I just HAD to have this brilliant yellow spotted number. The neckline was originally split almost down to the navel, allowing girls with cute perky B cup and below chests to maximise their cool down capabilities on a hot day - as I had a slightly (read: annoyingly) more ample chest to contend with, I decided a quick running stitch to "close the gap" would greatly assist in preserving my dignity outside of a nightclub scenario. Paired with a vintage clutch and an old faithful pair of Robert Robert blush strappy sandals, it was an easy breezy outfit for a trip by the water. 


playsuit playsuit-5 playsuit-2 playsuit-4 playsuit-13 playsuit-9 playsuit-8 playsuit-10 playsuit-3 playsuit-12 (SHOP THE LOOK >> playsuit: Chicabooti - similar here and here , heels: Robert Robert - similar here and here, bag: vintage - similar here, jewelry: similar herehere and here)

Monday, 21 October 2013

prim & proper

je t'aime-7

I wouldn't say I'm very good at being ladylike. I was raised with a strong understanding of good manners, learned how to cross my legs the correct way and could probably walk a straight line while balancing copies of Proust on my head if I really wanted to (thanks to private, single sex education AKA all girls finishing school), but dressing like a lady? Sorry, no can do. It just doesn't come naturally to me - or at least it never used to. Lately I've noticed myself developing a strange attraction to skirts and delicate fabrics, it's puzzling to say the least. Perhaps I'm finally growing up and therefore becoming more comfortable with being a woman instead of a petulant post teen who still buys packs of novelty multi-coloured underpants and wears a chipped black glitter manicure to important meetings. People change and a little skirt now and then could only lead to good things. Dignified adult things.

So cut to the third post of this month of October and here I am in another skirt driven ensemble... one that has a giant cheesy french phrase for "i love you" plastered on it, hmm looks like I'll have to rethink that dignified adult part. Who am I kidding right? This weeks' trend focus is on the monochrome look. A huge favourite for me this season but also as a classic all rounder colour combo that packs a punch and helps deliver a chic timeless look. This year, the humble black and white has been pushed to its limits - with dots, stripes, chevron, floral, houndstooth and many more eye twisting variations. It's a graphic designers dream and we're just living in it!

As mentioned, the Forever 21 skirt was my driving force behind this particular look. It was one of those rare impulse purchases that you don't see again for a while, so even if it's not something you can wear often you can't regret getting it because of its lasting WOW factor. Paired with a simple wardrobe staple white chiffon blouse and my fave studded Windsor Smith ankle strap sandals - I let the skirt do most of the talking. By adding a monochrome patterned bag, a smattering of jewellery and clear framed reflective wayfarers, it was finished with a streetsmart edge. So maybe it wasn't totally My Fair Lady but this Chan is definitely feeling a little less Tramp!


je t'aime je t'aime-2 je t'aime-3 je t'aime-5 je t'aime-10 je t'aime-4 je t'aime-6 je t'aime-8 je t'aime-9

(SHOP THE LOOK >> Top: Chica Booti - similar here and here, Skirt: Forever 21 - similar here, Heels: Windsor Smith - similar here and here, Bag: ASOS, Sunglasses: Cotton On - similar here, Necklace: Lovisa - similar here and here, Rings: Lovisa - similar here, here and here)